About PioneerFunder

About Texas Woman's University PioneerFunder

PioneerFunder is hosted by the TWU Foundation and is TWU's crowdfunding platform that helps our faculty, staff and registered student organizations fund their passion projects.

PioneerFunder projects are successfully funded by the active engagement of donors and supporters through social media and direct communications. Project Lead(s) and Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring the project is fully funded or meets the expected participation goal. The Project Lead(s) and Ambassadors should identify prior gifts made and potential donors for the project before applying to have a project on PioneerFunder. 

The University Advancement staff works closely with each project team to provide strategic crowdfunding management and consulting in communications, design, video production, and fundraising opportunities.

Texas Woman's University FAQ

Who can use PioneerFunder?

To use PioneerFunder, the project must support a university entity that will be received and processed by university accounts. For example full-time faculty, schools and departments that have a passion project can use the PioneerFunder platform.

Interested in using PioneerFunder? Excellent! Let’s talk:

Email advancement@twu.edu.

Why should someone contribute?

There are a number of reasons someone should contribute, but feeling passionate about the project and how it will help change our TWU community is certainly a big reason. TWU is proud of our remarkable pioneers, students, researchers, scholars, global leaders and thought drivers and you support them directly when you give to a TWU PioneerFunder campaign.

What do PioneerFunder donations support?

What is amazing about TWU PioneerFunder is you choose how and at what amount you can support a project that you share a passion for and immediately can see the impact of your gift.

What kind of campaigns are successful on PioneerFunder?

Successful campaigns typically are community-focused campaigns led by passionate project managers that positively impact the University’s mission.

In short: campaigns led by passionate folks that help people!

How long does it take prepare for a campaign?

We typically recommend that crowdfunding teams set aside 30-45 days to plan and prepare prior to their campaign launch. A good rule of thumb is to apply 90 days before you need your campaign to begin. That gives a team time to apply, be approved, plan and implement their campaigns.

Where can I learn about your Privacy Policy?

Information on TWU's Privacy Policy can be found here:  www.twu.edu/privacy/

How can I get in contact with TWU PioneerFunder?

Drop us a line! Feel free to reach out to our TWU PioneerFunder team anytime, we’d love to talk about your crowdfunding project ideas.

Phone: (940) 898-3874

Email: advancement@twu.edu

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. PioneerFunder utilizes a technology called Cybersource that is PCI Level 1-compliant. When making a gift on PioneerFunder you will be redirected to cybersource.com with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encripts all of the information you input to securely process payments. 

Will my PioneerFunder project gift be tax-deductible?

Contributions to PioneerFunder projects support specific areas of Texas Woman's University and are tax-deductible as allowed by law, less any fair market values of perks. 

For your tax records, the TWU Foundation's federal taxpayer ID number is 75-1292762. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Annual Giving Office and mention the PioneerFunder campaign you gave to and they'll be sure to help. You may also direct questions via email to advancement@twu.edu or call (940) 898-3863. 

Can I send a gift by mail or phone? 

No. All gifts to PioneerFunder projects should be submitted online, unless you are able to make arrangements with the project leaders. However, if given toward the project offline, your gift amount will not be reflected in the total. 

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